It may seem like you haven’t spent your time well enough, and that it’s too late to do so. Know that this is untrue because you did what felt right at the time, so you should do what feels right now. You are your own person on your own journey. Moral of the story — be patient with yourself.

Get more sleep, hun.

C’mon, sort your inbox. And while you’re at it, DON’T miss class, you know you’ll never watch the recording.

Yo, don’t think too much before speaking up in class or you’ll never get a chance to!

Listen up! Not everyone is as smart as they seem — you’ve got this, you’re amazing! Make. Yourself. Proud.

You might be experiencing an internal turmoil — so many decisions! ‘Scuse me, though, what matters most is your mental health and inner happiness! Put yourself first and don’t let ’em get to you.

It’s okay to take a break sometimes, zone the fudge out, and figure out what you’re really doing here. The mistakes you make don’t matter as much as you think. Heck, nothing matters as much as you! So STOP giving so much importance to others’ opinions and look forward to what lies ahead. No past regrets.

You know what? Make one more mistake. Remove the phrase sleep schedule from your vocabulary. Eat that 2 a.m. Maggi. I hope you are a little less lost than you were in your first year. But if you are not, know that you will pull through. Full power! K bye!

Relentlessly pursue things — — that make you smile. I know life is academically taxing and hectic, don’t fall down the staircase of expectations. Live in the now.


I believe One Republic once sang, “If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side.” Well, I call bullshit. Do NOT let go of the person you are for someone else’s sake — stay true to yourself. It won’t stop you from living your best life. Oh, live your best life!

Your brain might feel like the Cats movie sometimes. But know that you will fight it, even if one day at a time — just don’t give up on yourself, you’re amazing. Nuff said.

You are not meant to wake up every day and put on “I am a go-getter” boots. It’s okay to wear an “I did nothing all day” shirt for multiple days.

Don’t go about your life thinking that you know everything and that asking for help would be a cardinal sin. Honestly, no one knows anything — everyone’s just winging it.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t judge people for not knowing things that you do. Don’t shit on people, pls.

J.O.I.N. C.L.U.B.S. They’re the best way to make friends who have similar interests as you and to ultimately find your people!

Don’t try to stuff your occasional stupidity, mistakes, achievements and self into the “I didn’t truly live my Ashoka life” mould. Treat your college life as an attempt to decorate your room — bring in whatever you like, get rid of the junk, buy something only to realise it’s garbage, and yeah, remember that it’s better done over time.

Take courses outside of your major, trust me. It’ll change your life in non-problematic ways that you never thought it could.

Hey, I know professors seem knee-shakingly scary, but talk to them! They just want what’s best for you. And if that doesn’t work out, approach your TA/TFs — they can make your course.

The Ashokan culture that will lead you to compete about who has an unhealthier lifestyle will call. Don’t pick up.

The life-giving all-nighter fries may seem like the only thing that will ever bring you peace, but I would like to remind you that eating regularly and at a designated time go a much longer way.