By HoDs and Members of the 3 departments

by Co-heads, Prakriti Chopra and Harshit Kumar

If our department were to join Tinder, its bio would read as follows: “If you’re looking for a connection, you needn’t look any further.” Before you cringe, we’ll have you know that we’re…

CW: The contents of the article may be distressing.

Hidden Pockets is a collective that aims to provide services encompassing reproductive and sexual health, focusing on young people. They have also been conducting research in cities of the Global South. Along with that, they have been actively involved with LGBTIQ groups, Positive People’s networks, Young Feminist Networks, Child Rights…

By Shweta Siddhu UG22

As mildly petrified freshmen at Ashoka University, we somehow find ourselves in possession of boundless energy and excitement. However, this Red Bull gives you wings-esque zeal that we have owes infinite gratitude to the contributions of the most integral members of the Ashokan family — our very own Didis and…

By Prakriti Chopra UG21

It is with nervous vigour that I seek to answer a question of utmost importance. I am firmly perched upon the seat of all great thought — the toilet. In striking similarity to Isaac Newton, the answer I am in desperate search of is to be revealed by a well-meaning…

By Kripa Krishna UG23 & Manasi Narula UG23

It’s finally over- the exam and the stress it brought
The schoolwork that consumed us along with all of our time,
Turning us into mindless answering machines
That forgot who they were or if they ever had been.

The constant droning of the teacher’s voice
And the chattering of fellow classmates…

By Ishita Ahuja UG23

All I felt was mundane numbness.

Pill after pill
Struggle and grief
Struggle and grief
Pill after pill
The cackle of tin foil
The gulp of water
The sigh of regret
Of getting sicker and sicker
The never-ending cycle that seems to last forever
Of taking in pills and hoping you get better…

By Gayatri Dewan ASP21

As conversations surrounding sexual well-being have catapulted to mainstream media in the past few decades, India has witnessed the inception of several sexual health organisations aimed at raising awareness and guiding young people through concerns surrounding sexual and menstrual well-being. These organisations have proven to be an invaluable resource for…

Sonal is a Menstrual Health advocate who lives with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). They are an alumnus of YIF batch 2014 and have worked with fellows and undergraduates across batches on projects relating to sustainability, art, research and design. They are also the head curator…

By Shreya Ramchandran UG22

India has, in its roots, the omnipresent structure of the pyramid of development, which took various forms over the years. The pyramid came into existence through the use of caste names which distinguished between people and their status — Brahmins at the top of the pyramid, the most privileged and…

By Mukund Maithani UG21

I miss the lawns, their background blurs
like laughter and gossips,
basketballs on court,
and running playlists,
or metallic sounds ringing in the distance.
Yes, I miss those sounds
but I miss the silence too,
whispering to no one,
welcoming the turn of solitudes.

I miss the sights too-
readers lying…


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